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Bergisel Skijumping hill

The first ski jump was erected on the historic Bergisel in the year 1925. In 1964 and 1976, the Innsbruck Ski Jump was venue of the Olympic Ski Jumping competitions and since 2002 the new tower is regarded as a modern symbol of Innsbruck. The masterpiece was designed by star architect Zaha Hadid and connects several architectural divisions like the inrun track as a bridge construction, the tower as a building construction and the tower head as a steel construction.

The refurbished Bergisel Stadium plays host to the annual Four Hills Tournament in January and to a Summer Grand Prix Jumping Event. It is also an all-year training center, where the ski jumpers start running on a special porcelain track and the landing slope is designed with damped fiber mats. The new facilities now can hold 28,000 spectators and offer a great 360 degree panoramic view with a nice coffee shop in the tower at an altitude of 47 meters. The visit to the Bergisel Ski Jump is included in the Innsbruck Card, in addition to a variety of other services.


Technical specifications:

Total height: 134m
Tower heigth: 50 m
Length of inrun track: 91,3 m
Take off speed: 92 km/h
Calculation point: 120 m
Hill-size: 130 m
Total lenght until start of run-out: 95 m


Kaiserliche Hofbrug Riesensaal, © Christian Vorhofer

Kaiserliche Hofbrug Riesensaal

Skijumping Bergisel, © Tommy Bause

Skijumping Bergisel

Innsbruck Maria Theresien Straße, © Christof Lackner

Innsbruck Maria Theresien Straße