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W and C of World Championship stand as well for Width and Covering/Counting meters

Some fans covered long distances for arriving here. Distances do not bother them. The World Championship is all about width, covering distances and counting meters – most of all for the athletes. Even today: Ladies rival with each other in their supreme discipline of 30 km, nordic combiners compete in teams and the benchmark is high again for the ski jumpers mixed teams – centi- and even millimeters will count!

It will be hot here in Seefeld! To get an idea for the feat of strength behind it, let’s just mention the average calories consumption during 50 km cross-country skiing during sports competition, totaling 2.500 kcal. For ski jumpers, a BMI of 21 is required in order to obtain permission for the entire length of ski. So W and C of World Championship stand penultimately as well for Witdh and Covering and Counting meters.

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Seefeld 2019 – sustainable and clean!

A big event needs a lot of helping hands to make everything run smoothly. Thousands of details have to be considered to make athletes as well as spectators happy. Nearly invisible, the helping hands join forces from dawn till dusk to make everything shine brilliantly. It’s a big task for “ISS Facility Service” who has more than half a million workers all over the world. In Tyrol, there are about 500 skilled workers taking care of cleaning, catering, safety and cleanliness. A part of them is currently working in Seefeld.

At 6 am they start their workday. 46 people discreetly working in the background thus guaranteeing that everybody feels comfortable. That this isn’t an easy feat is obvious, as the whole area to cover reaches from the WM hall to the ski jumping and cross-country arena. Listing the items alone makes you dizzy: TV commentator cubicles, FIS container, athlete’s catering area as well as the royal lounge for Norwegian king Harald, jumping tower at the jumping hill and the Dixi toilets back in the woods.

The workday finally ends late at night. A good team coordination is necessary which is done by Herbert Ramsbacher who is in charge of the World Championships. A former football professional himself he knows exactly what to look out for: “It’s a big advantage to have a sports background. I know the works very well and can easily adapt to new situations” says the Tyrolean, who is preparing his team for further big sports events. He is happy that his workers still have some fun at work: “It is very interesting for the team to experience such an event first-hand and to be close to the sportsmen!”

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A royal tent for royal guests

Tents and hospitality is what Beduins are usually known for. Particularly their kings live and welcome guests in gigantic tents. One is pitched up in Seefeld as well. And it’s all about the topic of hospitality. Here, the who is who of sports gathers during 14 days, right in the center of the World Championship arena.  

It is THE hot spot place for refuge and relaxation for sponsors, celebrities and top-ranking visitors of the World Championship.

Florian Steinkogler is the „master of ceremonies“ here. There is not much time for talking. The coordinator for catering and hospitality in the LOC-Team of organization of the Austrian Ski Federation and Seefeld is co-responsible for making all work smoothly in this “inn” at the side of the cross-country ski trails. Nevertheless he takes time for a short interview: how do you manage such a tent smoothly?

Fittingly to the atmosphere, we take a seat on the designers couch embroidered with stones of Swarovski; a unique specimen indeed, sparkling in the VIP area. Not far from an old cable car basket. Nobel and cozy side by side.

The inviting tent is tightly organized. Besides the VIP-area, it hosts the gold and silver level. In the silver level, around 350 seats are offered and in the golden one an imposing maximum of 800. The VIP area for high ranked special guests hosts up to 80 and offers with its café and bar atmosphere an “in-between space” in a class of its own – for example for the Monarchs of Sweden and Norway. „Such a touch of luxury is not always offered during sports events”,  knows Steinkogler.

Naturally, there have been a few surprises: „When we had planned the concept as a whole in July 2018, this tent was supposed to be quite different“, says Steinkogler, „But so many people signed up for the gold-status offering also full cuisine and drink with the entrance, we had to react correspondingly – and when even royal guests and high-ranked visitors announce their attendance, you just have to reorganize it all.“ Thus, care for the athletes was offered on its own in proximity to the tracks and jumping tables. Increasing demand beforehand made the gold part larger and larger already during the construction phase.

Inside the tent natural wood defines the elegant tables, bars and buffets, conferring a sense of local identity. Sheepskins and arts and crafts of local artists perfect the elegant flair. Authentic Tyrolean in a class of its own.

Logistics are a major challenge: food and drinks have to be available in large quantities at all times. “Always fresh in a large variety and of highest quality!” emphasizes the coordinator.

Is sustainability compatible with event catering? “We try to set an example here. Fruit, pasta, meat – everything comes from local producers. We left out typical white table linen.” The elegant wood tables make multiple daily laundry obsolete. “This is more environmentally friendly.”, Steinkogler adds.  

Cooperation with local tourism training facilities can be labeled sustainable just as much. Well trained, skilled personal can be counted on – and many future graduates come from family-run hotels and restaurants themselves. They know how to address illustrious     guests adequately. Visibly glad about this “champion-like” supplementary training is also  Dajana Prantl from the hotel Gasthof Dollinger in Innsbruck, one of many students working here. „It is great to be involved here in the World Championship – not all the schools have such an event on their timetable“.

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W and C of World Championship stand also for Water Crystals

Rain drops, if just a few, can be refreshing. This World Championship was more than spoiled by sunny weather, made on-site-viewing twice as enjoyable. Snow melting drop by drop in winter sun brings forth the origin of the white splendor: he once was just a drop of water. This elixir of life for all humankind travels far in the Alps: round about 10 years precipitation takes to seep through the mountain range. Almost by itself, several stone layers filter it on its way. Down in the slopes and in the valleys it results in pure and clean drinking water of highest quality. Good things take time!

Just as patiently, visitors are waiting in the sport arena today – no one is discouraged by slight rain – to the contrary – a few years from now, everyone will enjoy potable water from the probably good “harvesting year” of the World Championship. So W and C of World Championship stand as well for Water Crystals. 

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Kojonkoski: “The ÖSV eagles might be dangerous for the competition.”

Mika Kojonkoski is one of the most successful trainers in the history of ski jumping. He was head coach in Austria, Finland and later Norway and led his athletes to 34 medals. As Chairman of the FIS organizational committee, the Finn is constantly visiting ski-jumping events and is working as a trainer again: For Olympia 2022 he is prone to make the Chinese team fit for the games. We met the successful Finn during the World Championships in Seefeld and talked about his time in Austria, his favourites for the competition on the normal hill and his latest projects.

Mika Kojonkoski, you were trainer of the Austrian national ski-jumping team from 1997 to 1999. How do you feel coming back here after so many years and to experience World Championships again?

I have many fond memories of my work in Austria. I still have a lot of contacts to many wonderful people and sportsmen I met here. It is great to watch how everything developed. When I started, the Bergisel jumping hill was outdated and only prepared for the Four Hill tournament. Now, it is one of the tourist highlights of Innsbruck and the jumpers can train there continuously. The Bergisel hill is a very good example for the successful development of the ski-jumping in the last decades.

What is your task during the World Championships this year?

I am chairman of the FIS organizational committee and in charge of the ski-jumping and therefore present at several competitions this season. The World Championships are a very important event. My main task is to see whether the ski-jumping runs smoothly. I am also collecting ideas for improvement and further development.

What do you think about the jumping hill in Seefeld?

You can see that it has been vastly remodelled. As trainer of the Austrian team we used to train several times in Seefeld. I remember that it was a really old jumping hill and the equipment wasn’t the best. Now, this is a great compound on the highest level with regards to the World Championships and sustainability.

The Innsbruck competitions are over. Who is your favourite in Seefeld?

I don’t know the teams well enough to predict anything in detail. At Bergisel I was happy to see new, young faces on the podium. Right now, we have around twenty candidates for the podium. Kamil Stoch is one of the favourites just as Ryoyu Kobayashi. I also think that the Austrians get better jump after jump and now have the ability to fight for medals.

At Bergisel, the ÖSV eagles won team silver. Are they going to be on the podium again in Seefeld?

From the beginning on, the expectations for the hosts were very high. I thought they might perform better in the single competition at Bergisel but I think that the Austrian jumpers will fight for medals in Seefeld as well. They have the home crowd to cheer them and will be a fierce competition.

You have taken up an interesting venture: You are preparing the Chinese ski-jumpers for the Olympic Games 2022 in Beijing. How come?

I resigned from my position as director of the Finnish Olympic Committee because I wanted to get some rest in my hometown Kuopio. The request to train the Chinese team was rather out of the blue. It was the perfect solution for me. At that time, I didn’t want to travel that much anymore and the Chinese were just organizing a trainings camp in Kuopio…

What are your tasks in this project?

There were about thousand applications. I finally decided on 30 young Chinese budding sportsmen. They are very tough, train a lot and like to jump. As a trainer, I try to help them improve their performance. I am very motivated as working with beginners is a true challenge for me. We only have 3.5 years to change candidates into professional sportsmen. If you consider the timeline, you might think it impossible but I believe that sometimes you have to change your ways and to wager a bit.

You love challenges?

Oh yes, very much. I am driven by things out of my comfort zone and seem to be impossible at first sight. It is a wonderful feeling to work as trainer again and to be part of the ski-jumping circus. I believe it’s part of the human nature to keep looking for new tasks and challenges for personal development. That’s what I want to do in the future with all my heart.

Thank you very much for this interview!

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Simone Ammann: “Killian Peier is in top form!”

Precision landing – that’s the motto of the Swiss ski-jumpers at big events

Currently in Alpine races left behind, in the fight for Olympic or World Championship medals the curtains were often drawn for the neighbouring Alpine eagles. A glimpse into the ski-jumping history of the last years shows that this was mainly due to one man: Simon Ammann who is starting here as well.

Four times Olympic gold – a success no other ski-jumper has achieved so far – in Vancouver and Salt Lake City, Simon became the most successful Swiss participant of winter Olympic games. His successes in World Championships also speak for themselves: one gold and one silver medal in 2007 and two bronze medals in 2009 and 2011. They show that you could always count on Ammann in the past. Although his personal motto is now: “participation is everything” and his last victory was four years ago, the Swiss is happy to participate in World Championships for the tenth time. “It is a wonderful experience. It’s a small anniversary. Although my form is currently not the best, but it’s great to be here.” says the experienced ski-jumper before his start in Seefeld. He already had a reason to cheer in the landing area at Bergisel stadium when he congratulated his team colleague Killian Peier on his bronze medal. He surprised everybody by being in top form just in time for the World Championships thus confirming the fact that big events write their own stories. At the beginning of the season experts already predicted that the 25-years-old will be a force to be reckoned with, but still it was a small sensation that Peier’s nod was opening in the right moment – also for himself. After the first few successes in the summer grand-prix, the man from Einsiedeln hadnt’t yet found his rhythm: “I put too much pressure on myself. I desperately wanted to show what I can do. Then I recognized that I have to become much more relaxed” he told us his secret before the Bergisel success.

Innsbruck is already history and after celebrating with champagne and Tyrolean delights, the focus is “full speed ahead” on the coming single competition in Seefeld. The jumping hill on the bottom of the Gschwandtkopf mountain is well-known to the Swiss team. They already trained here several times and put in an extra World Championship training after the World Cup in Titisee-Neustadt was cancelled. Thus, it remains exciting and we’ll see whether a Swiss is going to be on the pedestal at the Toni-Seelos jumping hill. His colleague Ammann is sure: “Killian Peier is in top form.”

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W and C of World Championship stand as well for Words of the Crown

Norwegian fans are numerous here – no wonder, since Nordic skiing enjoys the status of a national sport there. Visibly glad about the many medals for his nation was certainly his majesty, King Harald and Queen Sonja of Norway. Their encouraging words for the freshly crowned world champions during official evening dinners were not “only” important because of their royal status. Skiing is also a major issue in the royal house. Queen Sonja Haraldsen takes advantage of the beautiful, picturesque landscape of her home country  Norway for shooting excellent photos in order to promote vacation trips to Norway. She is just as good in “shooting” and speeding down steep slopes! Besides many other things, she is also completed a professional ski instructors’ training. Finding just the right words of enthusiasm was certainly easy for the. This is way W and C stand as well for Words of the Crown.

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Back to the roots - Relaxing Alpine skiing at Gschwandtkopf

With its round about 1.500 m above ocean level, Gschwandtkopf mountain offers a birds view perspective of the Inn river valley. Well reachable by tow lifts and chair lifts from Seefeld and Mösern, it provides momentarily also a breathtaking view of the Word Championship arena from above.

Seefeld, known as the cradle of cross country skiing, has a lot to offer for down hill fans as well. Strictly speaking, alpine ski is the big brother of the cross country region and the alpine slopes are actually the roots of so named Ski Field Seefeld!

Nordic and Alpine ski sport live the world championship slogan “hand in hand”: Gschwandtkopf, Sportalm und Sonnenalm count on tradition and fun with new ideas - “class not mass”.

Skiing with delight is emphasized particularly at Gschwandtkopf – a perfect ski area for the whole family. While mother is training in the tracks and dad on the slopes, laid-back junior glides on his snow-board and little Lisa happily sledges down a little hill, grandma can watch them all behind her sunglasses – while enjoying an apple strudel on the patio of the Sportalm. With this complete package of skiing for everyone, the roots of this ski area sprout anew.

The approach is not without reason: the Schneider family owns the mountain property including the lift area in 3rd generation. Leonie Schneider is authorized representative, father Wolfgang owner of the mountain. Grandfather Richard took over the old lift of Gschwandtkopf from the county. A huge investment. Doubtless with a lot of risk. “They were all on board at the maiden trip of the new lift system: great grandpa, grandpa and my dad – then, there was a tragic accident when one chair of the lift rebounded”, says Leonie. “Only grandpa and dad, who was just four years old at that time, survived.” The early-childhood chock was deep – but tough as Tyrolians are, it become mother of invention. Grandpa Richard Schneider invented the Schneider-System-Terminal: nowadays, system terminals are part of every lift – at that time, it was a break-through in terms of safety on the rope. “Nothing like this should ever happen again, so he worked meticulously in the metal working shop in the back and built it”, Leonie added.

An when you glance down from the “Gschwandt”, as the alpine mountain is called here, in direction of the tracks and tribunes of the Nordic Ski World Championship, one should know, already in the late 50s the legendary “Silver Bullet Races” took place here with Toni Seiler among others.

Today, the Gschwandtkopf mountain is not only a ski area for the whole family, it is also very popular as a ski racing course amount our German neighbors. Week after week, clubs race here and two times the German Alpine Championship in RTL was determined here. Many professional teams value the Gschwandtkopf as training course, notably the ladies ski team of the United States of America with Lindsey Vonn or as well Alexis Pintaurault.

With a lot of ideas for the family business Leonie Schneider looks into the future, since creativity runs in her veins: together with her cousin who manages the technical part of the lift system, she plans already for the time after the Nordic Ski World Championship. An alpine ski show will be the next highlight. Fireworks, backpack rockets and a torch-march will celebrate on March 3rd fresh and anew the Alpine roots of this ski region offering all you want.

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W and C in World Championship stand as well for Warming Chows

Sushi, soft-rolls, seafood – Seefeld has all a palate could long for. When the tummy rumbles, one makes a find already at the arena. You might go for pork roast, others appease their stomachs with oysters and even champagne. “Schmankerln” as goodies are called in Austria, to satisfy every taste. Variety is large just as well along the fan mile. Those in a hurry grab curried sausage or one variety of bread: hefty, herbal, vegetarian – many find their top favorites in a “world of burger-buns”: Japanese won’t have to do without sushi, Scandinavians not without an aquavit. Of course, Tyrolian tidbits and specialties attract in  hearty atmosphere of local restaurants. Strudels, doughnut fritters a.s.o. are indispensable as dessert! Global World Championship contacts are easily established here by looking further than one’s own nose – here also one’s own country plate. When Norwegians introduce Italians in the art of savoring salmon. Or Belgian and Polish fans bite, side by side, into pizza slices – it creates ties as a secondary effect.

However, no one has to go hungry here. Quite the contrast is the case – tasting really everything here, is a sporting challenge in itself.

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Experienced judges for a fair competition

There is a big number of competition judges working during the 52nd Nordic Ski World Championships to guarantee fair decision-making. Three of them are Otto Nehauser, Herbert Kury and Konrad Liegl who all have lots of experience. They are all members of the local sports club in Scharnitz and have been supporting the Skiclub Seefeld for a long time in various sports events.

Otto Neuhauser has the most experience and was already working at the Olympic Games in 1964. As part of the track preparation team he was partly in charge of ensuring the perfect condition of the cross-country tracks. In the 80s he decided to become a judge in Nordic disciplines. His first official competition was the Nordic Ski World Championships 1985 in Seefeld as control on the tracks.

Since the early 80s Neuhauser and his friend Herbert Kury were working as judges. He remembers the exciting times from the early days in which a lot of handiwork was still necessary. Nowadays, most of the timing is done automatically. Kury remembers that he had to take the intermediate times of athletes such as Gunde Svan by using a stop watch. Given the top performances of these athletes, it wasn’t an easy task.

The third of this trio, Konrad Liegl, has been helping the Skiclub Seefeld since 1976. Back then, he was a control post on the tracks and a judge during the World Championships in 1985. He also has fond memories of the beginning years. Once he starts talking he also remembers that there were hardly any barriers that separated the athletes from the fans. Spectators were allowed to position themselves along the track and as a judge you were obliged to take care that no sportsman was restrained.

Now, the three veterans are back again as judges during the World Championships 2019. The job title remains the same but the tasks have changed considerably in the last decades. On one hand, there are only a few judges necessary in the start area due to optical time measurement, on the other hand TV producers and photographers are happy that there are fewer people in this area to keep the focus on the athletes.

Otto Neuhauser, Herbert Kury and Konrad Liegl still love their work although there have been many changes. They are happy to be part of the World Championships and will also be ready to help the Skiclub Seefeld in the future.

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Nordic sports legends at the Championships

Seefeld has a lot to offer with its long history and many wintersports heroes. A day without competition leaves time to remember the good old days and to review the past few days. That’s what the Nordic ski legends did in Seefeld: The cross-country idols Annete Boe and Gunde Svan as well as ski-jumper Ernst Vettori and Hermann Weinbuch for the Nordic Combined met as old acquaintances from all Nordic disciplines. 34 years ago they all collected medals at the Nordic Ski Championships in Seefeld and were cheered by the crowd.

Everybody is full of praise for the organization:. “These are great World Championships. We have wonderful weather, perfect cross-country tracks and our jumpers are doing a wonderful job and the spectators are thrilled” says Ernst Vettori enthusiastically, Tyrolean ski-jumping legend and team silver medallist in 1985.

Cross-country legend Katerina Neumannova who was still too young for a start in 1985, is thrilled: “It’s wonderful to experience this atmosphere in front of the fantastic mountain range” quotes the Czech who is now working as a commentator for the television.

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Seefeld 2019 is leading the way for future sustainable events

Wintersports arena – What is interesting for international brands to participate in big sports events as the FIS Nordic Ski World Championships in Seefeld? That was one of the question at the “business talk” in the studio “Tirol Berg”. Where medal winners usually talk about their big successes, representatives of various big sponsors met to discuss the potential of World Championships to present themselves to the world.

“This event is a showcase for the world and is hopefully making people think that nature needs to be appreciated and safeguarded.” clarifies Anton Seeber of LEITNER ropeways. “At such big events we can test and develop new products. It is a long-term business cycle” says the CEO of one of the leading enterprises in the ropeway business from Sterzing, South Tyrol.

If wintersports are doing well, all connected enterprises are doing well. That’s the common tenor of all companies present: hotels are getting modernized, visitors are coming, ski areas are renewed. In times like this sustainability is asked for! As part of environmental-friendly World Championships, transportation should happen mainly by train and the support of the ÖBB (Austrian Railways) is essential.

Sustainability for our future – that’s the motto for every one of the present sponsors with presenting sponsor Stora Enso in the lead: “a low seven digit number” did the Swedish-Finnish company invest in the World Championships in Seefeld altogether. The world’s second biggest forestry enterprise is specialising in environmental-friendly paper as well as packaging. Seefeld and the Tyrol altogether are an ideal location for presenting the company concept to the eyes of the public.

“Tyrol possesses beautiful forests. Our enterprise is certainly a good match here. We can show the visitors how to replace fossil combustible material through wood” explains Jari Suominen, Executive Vice President of this traditional enterprise. They even produce recyclable wood fibre cutlery which is used during the Championships and is getting collected in special bins.

The concept of sustainability is essential for a successful future underlines ÖSV secretary general Klaus Leistner, who also emphasizes the necessity of financial gain to be able to further develop the wintersports after the World Championships.

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W and C of World Championship stand as well for World team Charity

To ski is not only good for the skier – one can do good with it as well! An alpine jump-off platform of 40 cm heights is ready for the leap for a good cause at the Gschwandtkopf, Seefeld. Celebrities and amateur athletes will jump here to make possible a few days in the snow for deaf children. Watching training at 11 am and the charity event at 2 pm will sweeten your day automatically without having to do much yourself. This is why W and C stand as well for World team and Charity.

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New splendor where once a small house stood – Seefeld railway station

Enjoying scenic view during approach – Seefeld railway station makes it possible. You would not expect him to be here since 1912, he doesn’t show. That “good old” train station shines in new splendor since its’ reopening in December 2018. Many fans took already the way over the rails to get here for the Olympic Games in 1964 and 1976. To satisfy the pleasing rush of visitors this time as well, planning started way ahead of time and matches the events. On the first Saturday alone, four special trains departed in direction Innsbruck and even eight back to Seefeld. Not only the Tyrolian transport association VVT-Trains are employed for this. Neighboring Vorarlbergs VVV transport association joins the “train-team” of this Wolrd Championship. And who ever could spot a map of Vienna public transportation on his train, was sitting in one of the brand new City Jets. They will be in use all over Austria only little by little – here in Seefeld they are already on board. In the other parts of Tyrol, only on the track between Wörgel and Salzburg. ICE rapid train stop here on its’ way to the cities of Hamburg and Dortmund in Germany, labels it also the highest high-speed train station. Some sad feelings were associated with the rebuilding phase, which lasted a good 1,5 years. The little tabac store “Trafik Schmid” on its premises was kind of an institution for 40 years. During rebuilding the now retired owner gave it into the hands of a new one, Mrs. Satalova. Originally from Latvia, she will add some international flair to the station. Even when the shining medals leave this place with the end of the world championship, the new “good old” railway station will remain a showpeace in the heart of the city.  

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W and C of World Championship stand as well for What a Catapult!

Ski jumpers still have competition going on at Toni-Seelos ski jump – but Sunday will be their last time during this world championship to take off at Bergisel. Starting speed there amounts to imposing 92,88 km/h. Such fast-paced speed brings them remarkably far. Michael Hayböck holds the record here with 138 meters! Comparison with a medival  trebuchet though, makes even him draw the short straw: the 18 meters high one at Warwick Castle in England gets its bullets easily up to 300 meters – weighing full 22 tons at the same time. Our flying athletes will not win the competition with this old siege tower, but they are speedy bullets themselves. W and C stand therefor as well for What a Catapult!  

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W and C of World Championship stand stand as well for Wind machine Cylinder

What would be a world championship without it’s unique atmosphere! No one creates it as wonderful as fans from all over the world. They ring cow-bells and sound party trumpets. Fans wearing viking helmets blow also hooters, a tiny tot on his fathers shoulders beats enthusiastically his bicycle bell. Creative fans, the masters of mood-making are as numerous as sand in the ocean here! To create such mood in theater, special effect instruments are necessary, like the so called wind machine. It plays an indispensable part in the Symphony of the Alps by Richard Strauss for example. Our international fans here in Seefeld put their own symphony of enthusiasm on stage here – in classic just as well as in  freestyle. That’s why W and C stand as well for Wind machine Cylinder.

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Important information for lunch

Information for all visitors at Cross-Country Arena Seefeld:

Please note: there are food and drink cottages on top as well as at the bottom of the arena. You'll find it all from roast pork to oysters on both premisses!

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Here is where the action is – impressions from the broadcast van

The visual heart of the world championship beats in a rather unimposing looking broadcast van. Here is where the action is, so viewers all over the world can experience each competition in front of their screens. Right beside the galleries where sports fans loudly cheer for the athletes, determines one voice the pulse in the central broadcast control center. The director pulls the strings of each production. At this world championship, it is Michael Kögler. This man from ORF does it for a long time already. Round about 20 international major sports events like Olympic games and world championships he mastered so far. He is  calm despite full concentration. But each time is exciting to him: „Each time it is a great and of course very responsible task. What we do here is supposed to be of worth for everyone after all.“   

What is sent out into the world from this broadcast van resembles a concertante masterpiece. 125 cameras built so to speak the TV-orchestra. Ski jump arenas Bergisel and Seefeld alone, 30 of them are deployed, during the ladies 15 km sciathlon and the 30 km one of men, even 65. The directors’ ,,Word and eye“ wave for all here the baton. „My motto is always: It has to be fun for all participants“, says Kögler. And fun he obviously has with all the camera men along the tracks, eight super-slow motion-cameras, two drones, six cranes and the overview-camera attached to a blimp in airy heights of 250 meters. According to Kögler, hand in hand is not only the slogan of the World Championship but just as well of every broadcast. 10 nations are represented in the team of camera men. As the conductor of production emphasized: „It is always teamwork!“ Here, image-master Gaby Schmitz-Westhofer loughs and adds „We work together for 25 years already – like an old couple!“ Together with assistant director Markus, they will pull out all the stops amidst the screens, controllers and signals, here until these World Championships are over.

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Fantastic atmosphere during first medal ceremony

One should celebrate parties as they come and in Seefeld, they do it really well. Fans sang, cheered and danced during the first three medal ceremonies! Winning athletes radiated with joy surrounded by waving flags and banners of enthusiastic fans. Even  honorary awards (including ranks four through six) brought smiles on all the receivers faces. Some Austrians sight on the absence of red-white athletes on the top spot of the podium – but on a day like this, joy over bronze for Rehrl was great. And fans promised: “On Saturday, we’ll be the ones amidst pure party fun!”

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Teresa Stadlober not starting tomorrow

Teresa Stadlober is not going to start tomorrow in the Skiathlon. The mucosa that have been irritated during the World Cup started to get inflamed and turned into e cold. Now the focus is on getting back on her feet for the following competitions.

Teresa Stadlober: "I didn't feel well during the training well. I have got a slight cold and therefore won't start tomorrow. It doesn't make any sense for me to start tomorrow at the Skiathlon as I don't want to endanger my starts for the remainder of the World Championships. I am very disappointed that I am going to miss my first race in a home World Championship. But I am looking Forward to be fit again for the future individual and the 30 km."  

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Adam Malysz: “Memories are returning.”

Adam Malysz from Poland is one of the most successful sportsmen in the history of ski jumping. He won six medals alone during World Championships, becoming even World Champion twice in 2013. After finishing his active career, he became a rally driver. For several years now he is head of sports and co-ordinator in the Polish Ski Federation. Just before the first decisions in ski-jumping take place in these World Championships, the 41-years old talked to us about his tasks in the Polish team, reviewed his successes and told us to be aware of the Austrian team at Bergisel.

What a feeling do you have: being an official instead of being an active athlete at the current World Championships?

I was already an official during the Lahti Championships in 2017. It is nothing new for me, but it’s always great to be part of a big sports event. I am not an active athlete anymore but I like my position as support and will always love ski jumping. I am incredibly proud of every team success.”

What are your tasks as director of sports and co-ordinator?

I am in charge of the special ski-jumping as well as the Nordic Combined in the Polish Ski Federation, that means altogether for three groups: Ladies and Men Ski Jumping as well as Men Nordic Combined. There is always lots to do: When we arrived in Austria I had a lot of organizational tasks. I had to take care of the accreditation and the parking permits, getting the radio connection started etc.

During World Championships, you were often present on the pedestal. Are there some special memories you behold?

World Championships are something very special and these memories stay with you forever. I never won an Olympic medal but won several at various World Championships. The Bergisel jumping hill is one of my favourites. I can feel the memories much more intensely here and I am happy to be back here.

The Bergisel jumping hill is technically very demanding. Who are your favourites?

There are several medal candidates. Certainly, Ryoyu Kobayashi is one of them as he also leads in the World Cup. Our team is very strong as well, especially Kamil Stoch, Piotr Żyła und Dawid Kubacki. The German Markus Eisenbichler is also jumping on a very high level although he sometimes commits some errors. And of course you have to take into account the Austrians. Stefan Kraft is one of the favourites for the gold medal. He knows the jumping hill very well and can be certain of the Austrian fans’ support.

Only four other jumpers managed to become World Champion twice. How do you feel being part of this illustrious circle?

It’s a wonderful feeling that keeps going on for a long time! It’s not easy to achieve something like that. You really have to be in top form. It isn’t enough to jump well, the conditions must be right, you must have slept well etc… Only if everything is right you can perform exceptionally. The feeling that everything runs smoothly is giving you another bout of energy.

Stefan Kraft said after his successful season 2016/27 that he is very proud to be part of the same circle as his big idol Adam Malysz now. Are you used to comparisons like that?

It is always wonderful to hear such words and I am very proud of it. It is great that so many jumpers who have seen me as a role model are winning medals and have become idols themselves.


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World Championship stands today also for Wall of Clouds

Much can be planned – not the weather, though. Drizzling rain and a blanket of clouds made so far sunny skies look somewhat unfaithful towards the World Championship today. Bergisel was rather covered by clouds. Visitors and athletes were not influenced by such capricious weather conditions nevertheless. Particularly since a wall of clouds just looks like brick. Those tiny drizzles dropping looking like cotton pads are but steam of condensed air. This is what ski jumpers are well familiar with. Each jump is kind of a leap in the dark to them anyhow – and steaming ahead one of their specialties. Ignoring the walls of mist – well focused on their main goal to break records and win medals. By the way, skies are supposed to brighten up again on Saturday. But at least until then the letter W and C stand today for Walls of Clouds.

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The best choice for the perfect ski

There are many factors to consider whether or not an athlete is able to take home one of the precious trophies from Seefeld: one is the preparation of the material. The Austrian team has about 350 pairs of skis available for their training and competitions during the 52nd Nordic Ski World Championships in Seefeld. Manfred Hierschläger and his team are responsible for the perfect preparation.

Wet, cold, classic or skating – whatever the programme and the weather conditions, there are about 15 to 20 pairs of skis to choose from. Every pair has a slightly different edging and is differently waxed. The choice is enormous as the nine Austrian participants use products from 15 different companies for the perfect preparation of their skis.

The service team already starts in the previous evening to prepare a big number of material for every athlete. After listening to the weather forecast and thanks to a vast experience they start with the basic preparation. The next day the skis get their finishing touches. Directly after, the big testing gets started: The best skis are found through a process of elimination of ski after ski until only the fastest remain. Thus, the athlete is perfectly prepared and is one step closer to the next medal.

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Kraft & Co. are fuelling the medal hopes at Bergisel Jumping Hill!

Local hero Philipp Aschenwald went from school straight to the jumping hill for the special jump’s second training at Bergisel jumping hill. After having passed his English exam, he is very happy to head out of the gate at Bergisel, showing his top form for the World Championships with rank no. 3 and 5. “Naturally I rather jump than sit in a classroom” the 23-year old quotes. “It is really cool being here. Bergisel and Seefeld are two great locations and I am really happy to be starting here. I am looking forward to two interesting weeks.”

The goal for the ÖSV team is achieving the best possible results with the help of the cheering crowds. The charges of head trainer Andreas Felder entered at the second training and showed positive results: The ninth and twelfth place of Daniel Huber and the two second places of Michi Hayböck were especially pleasing. Stefan Kraft confirmed his role as the odds-on favourite: 130 m in the second round signified rank no. 2. – Only high-flyer Ryoyu Kobayashi (the winner of all four jumps of the last Four Hills Tournament) jumped two meters farther.

Helas, the competition is strong: the German team with Karl Geiger and Markus Eisenbichler at the top were very strong in the second training whereas the Polish took a break on Thursday.

On Friday the qualification jumps will take place before the medal jumps begin. Stefan Kraft, Michael Hayböck, Philipp Aschenwald, Daniel Huber and old hand Manuel Fettner who asserted himself against Jan Hörl for Saturday are forming the team for the World Championships.

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W orld C hampionship stands also for W alnut C hopping

Connoisseurs take advantage of the train trip to Seefeld for the wonderful view. On their way to the qualification runs for ladies and men today, one could detect another clever idea. On the sunny side of the train, a diligent helper used this time pragmatically: he was chopping a whole bunch of walnuts. This component of a common trail mix will serve him later on duty as energy boost. Or as nourishment for his nerves while cheering on. One or another finds its way into the mouth right there – well prepared is half way there. For such a good idea, W and C stand today for walnut chopping.

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Alfons Schranz: “The Bergisel jumping hill has to become a boiling pot!”

Many helping hands are needed during the Nordic Ski World Championships. Volunteers and heads of sports have to work closely together to guarantee a successful event. We talked to the Bergisel responsible Alfons Schranz, long-standing vice president of the Austrian Ski Federation. This year, he is in charge of the jumping competitions both in Innsbruck and Seefeld.

Answering the question what he likes most about the World Championships, he starts to rave:

“Usually, you experience World Championships as an official only once in your life. I was very fortunate to have already participated in 1985. It is very important to the whole region that Innsbruck and Seefeld organize these Championships together regarding the infrastructure, the clubs and all of the surroundings. I would like to express my thanks to my team that everything has worked out that well. We are already used to pull off the Four Hills Tournament but a World Championship is something special indeed.”

As a local stemming from the village of Zams, he is very happy to be able to be close to the jumpers once more: “What I like most about jumping is to observe the various characters of the athletes. It is a tremendous challenge to constantly adopt to new jumping hills and situations. It is simply fantastic to experience the moment a jumper heads off the in-run.”

World Championships are a gigantic challenge and Schranz emphasizes: “Everything here is so much bigger than during a regular World Cup.” But everybody is perfectly prepared: “Our task is to prepare the jumping hill in a way that all jumpers touch down safely. We improved some small things to make sure of it. During the Four Hills Tournament we were at the limit with the in-run gates. Now we are well prepared and added six gates. If necessary, we can thus shorten the in-run. We also did some small changes at the stands. The stance has got a fresh coat of paint. Now everything is ready for the first spectators.”

By the way: there are still some tickets available! Alfons Schranz is inviting all fans to secure entrance tickets to the big jumping competitions and to experience the emotional uproar live.

“We are expecting more than 18.000 spectators to the first special jumping competition on Saturday. Together we want to transform the Bergisel stadion into a boiling pot to experience such great emotions only a World Championship can evoke!”

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Status report from the ÖSV cross-country team

The World Championships have officially started. The first medals are assigned in the ladies and men sprint competitions. Independent from the Austrian starters of the opening competitions, Teresa Stadlober, Max Hauke und Bernhard Tritscher are preparing for their races. Stadlober is in top form again, Hauke and Tritscher are hoping for good results. During the press conference at the Casino Seefeld, director of sports Markus Gandler gave a status report before the competition and also the team was there to answer some questions:

Max Hauke:
“I am 26 years old which is the perfect age for cross-country skiing and will develop continuously during the next years. I know these tracks from my time at the sports school in Stams very well and I like them. On Sunday I will participate in the team sprint together with Dominik Baldauf. On Wednesday I will take part in the 15 km race and will fight in the 50 km race on the last day. As a team our goal is to get as far as the finals. My friendship to Dominik helps me a lot and we push each other continuously.

Bernhard Tritscher:
I am participating in the skiathlon, in the relay and in the 50 km skating. Skating is my stronghold and meanwhile I like the long distances. I have a long and successful history in sprint but had a bit of bad luck in the recent past. My preparation was not ideal as I was ill for a rather long time. In December I had to pause for a month as I had severe breathing problems. Thus, my training was rather mediocre. But I have fully focused on the World Championships and have had good results in the Continental Cup.

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W (orld) C (hampionship) stands also for Winter Countryside

Sparkling resplendence all over the place. Trees, hills and roofs with bonnets of snow scintillating in white. The sun radiates since early morning. No wonder many take advantage of this unusual opportunity in February – even less as this may lead to daydreaming.

Just one more waking-up in the morning and the FIS Nordic Ski World Championships will begin officially. For many, this dream started long ago. The venue places Seefeld and Innsbruck in Tyrol are waiting in the wings for months. Top athletes from all over the world anyways. Hundreds of volunteers have already been working and wiggling for many weeks. Perhaps everyone is somewhat living his dream here. Only you know what your personal one is about. The one of the athletes is most likely to climb the winner’s podium. But sometimes dreams come true – not only in fairy tales. That’s why W and C stand today just as well for Winter and Countryside.

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Colorful, spectacular grand opening – Garrett rocks the medal plaza

What a magnificent opening ceremony of the 52nd Nordic World Ski Championships in Seefeld tonight! A fabulous festival for all senses.

Rhythmic drums accelerated the heartbeat of all present athletes and spectators alike and were accompanied by fire acrobats and fairy-like dancers. The official World Championship song „Time for Heroes“ by Christian Rijavec and Gregor Glanz, both from Seefeld, could not be missing. Becoming a hero on the winners’ podium here – this dream was tangible in the clear air of the evening sky! Indeed, the winter sports dreams know no boundaries – as a giant on cross-country skis illustrated who concluded right before six Austrian sports legends (Alois Stadlober Maria Theurl, Ernst Vettori, Eva Ganster, Klaus Sulzenbacher, Guenter Csar) the entry parade of the participating nations. The winter fairy tale has noticeably started.

Mirjam Weichselbraun, an Austrian well-known presenter, acted as host and shone almost as bright as the light cathedral projected in the evening sky. She conveyed, charming as ever, the passion for this superb celebration.

Once more, the Tyrol presented itself as host with a heart. Tyrolian state governor Günther Platter, who said: “After two successful World Championships, the Tyrol is in the international spotlight once more. I am looking forward to exciting competitions and a peaceful sports celebration. I am sure the Championships in Seefeld will be very impressive and the pictures will go around the world again, with which we also set a clear sign against radicalism.”

The significance of this Austrian ski stronghold was emphasized by Austrians minister of defense, Mario Kunasek: „Here in Tyrol, everything that is wonderful in wonderful Austria is a little larger. I wish all of you a wonderful world championship.” In Tyrol, the Nordic ski sports connect majestic mountains and people from all over the world, enjoying this habitat respectfully. World-class and cosmopolitanism are well joined in this cradle of cross-country skiing.” „Ski jump and cross-country ski trails are best preconditions for a great and delightful ski celebration“, as Gian Franco Kasper, president of the International Ski Federation emphasizes. Prof. Peter Schröcksnadel, president of the Austrian Ski Federation, was visibly moved in his speech: „We are honored that this world championship was administered to us at the first attempt. I hope these championships will be fair, well and accident-free.“

As if these extraordinary impressions and words weren’t enough, special guest David Garrett sparked acoustic fireworks as the incredible highlight of this wonderful night.   

He is well acquainted with gold – his album “Rock Revolution“  featuring his matchless interpretation of the film music of “Rocky III – Eye of the Tiger“ which reflects the fighting spirit of sports competitions so well, has just recently reached the gold status in Austria!

Musical flight of fancy and earthy cross-country skiing runs in his blood.

This evening provided countless moments which an enthusiastic audience was able to take home on their radiant faces, in captive memories and certainly on their mobile phones.

Colorful fireworks ended the brilliant opening ceremony – a feast for the eyes beneath a starry sky showed: the first winners were the audience, athletes and organizers that evening, before the focus shifts to gold, silver and bronze. Medals which the host cities Seefeld and Innsbruck merit just a bit already.

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Mario Stecher: „We will broadcast fantastic pictures to the world”

Mario Stecher was one of the topstars of the Nordic Combination for many years. Since spring 2018 the multi-medal winner is leading a section at the Austrian Ski Federation. Just a short time before the first decisions are taking place, we talked with him about his work, his role at the World Championships, his expectations regarding the events and the chances for the Austrian team.

Hello Mr. Stecher. What are your expectations regarding the Nordic World Championships in Seefeld?

I really hope for a great euphoria in all of Tyrol and Austria thanks to the Nordic Ski World Championships. Of course the perfomances have to be OK but the weather is wonderful and we will broadcast fantastic pictures into the world. For the region, the World Championships are a touristic highlight. I am certain that we can show the world that cross-country skiing is a really cool sport and supports your health tremendously. It would be great if we could draw the attention of children and youngsters to the Nordic ski sports.

You have been an active sportsman for many years. How is it now, being the director of Nordic Sports?

It’s a huge difference: I cannot focus solely on myself anymore. As a sportsman, you have tunnel vision, you concentrate on yourself to be successful. As director of sports it’s about seeing the big picture. Together with several trainers, I support several teams on their way to success. I am also part of the general co-ordination and make sure that everything is running smoothly. My workday starts early in the morning and lasts till late in the evening which is quite exhausting as well (laughs).

Are you going to cheer for your former team colleagues from the Nordic Combined?

My heart will always belong to the Nordic Combination and this discipline is really a wonderful sport. But I am also in charge for the ladies and men ski-jumping disciplines which is also a lot of fun. I regard the Nordic Ski Sports as an entire package.

Which chances does the ÖSV team has in your opinion?

Our general aim for the Austrian team is to win four medals altogether. This won’t be easy but it’s feasible.

Especially for our ski-jumping team it wasn’t always easy in the last few weeks but we also had some successes. One example was the team competition in Lahti where Kraft and co. won and showed that they are back in the game. There are many things to consider but fact is: we can play a role in winning a medal.

We have very good chances in the ladies ski-jumping competition. We are very happy that we host the ladies team competition for the first time here at the Nordic World Ski Championships – and there is a good chance for a place on the podium for us. In the single competiton we can always count on Daniela Iraschko Stolz. If she has fully recovered from her pneumonia she has a good chance for a medal.

Mr. Stecher, thank you very much for this interesting interview!

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Great premature praise for Seefeld

Just a few hours before the official opening of the 52nd Nordic ski world championship in Seefeld, FIS president Gian Franco Kasper, president of the Austrian Ski Federation Peter Schröcksnadel and mayor of Seefeld, Werner Frießer announced statements about the competition and answered questions of the press representatives in the media center.

Suiss FIS president Gian Franco Kasper attends since Wednesday the Seefeld the second world championship in a row. “The Austrian Ski Federation and Seefeld did excellent work and provided best conditions”, declared Kasper before the opening ceremony. “I am very much convinced, we will have a great, if not excellent event!”, he said. President of the Austrian Ski Federation, Peter Schröcksnadel emphasized, all was done to be very well prepared. “I am very much looking forward to fair and accident-free competition.”

Prof. Peter Schröcksnadel:
„Seefeld is one of the most beautiful places in Austria and we are most thankful for the willingness of the city of Seefeld, to be host of this venue. We are very proud to hold this event and I would like to state explicitly: we are ready! 707 athletes are registered for the individual competitions, we are very much looking forward to exiting and fair competitions and a sports festival for everyone!”

Gian Franco Kasper:
“I was convinced, when I came back only two days ago from Aare, Sweden, we will celebrate a winter fairytale of Nordic skiing here during the next two weeks. Expectations are certainly high – but here in Tyrol, I am very much convinced, we will have a great, if not excellent event!”

Werner Frießer:
„I can tell you, when the signal to start was given for the qualifications in cross-country, it was a very emotional moment for me. I was present and had tears in my eyes when the first skiers entered the cross-country track. All of us locals here looked forward excitedly during preparation and are really glad that it finally starts!”

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W orld C hampionship stands just as well for W arm-up and C ountdown

Here we go: The athletes of the Nordic Combined and Ski jumping started their official training. While jumpers rise again into new heights and widths like eagles at Bergisel in Innsbruck, it is getting somewhat more serious for the cross-country skiers – women and men teams alike. The teams of women (5 km classic) and men (10 km classic) warmed up their muscles and got them going. Since the sun chose to hide a bit behind a soft blanket of clouds this morning, a good warm-up is essential. Guests and visitors warm up as well: who still needs a ticket, rushes for getting one. Some spectators do it like these tiny snowmen at the borderline of the premises: they secure themselves a nice place – and hold out at it. Joyful anticipation might keep just as warm as blankets do!

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“Eye of the Tiger” at the Opening Ceremony

Peter Schröcksnadel meets David Garrett! Just a few hours before the opening ceremony of the 52nd FIS Nordic World Ski Championships in Seefeld, Peter Schröcksnadel, president of the Austrian Ski Federation, met the special guest of the opening ceremony at Hotel Astoria (owned by well-known Elisabeth Gürtler) for a nice chat in a relaxed atmosphere. They had a lot to talk about given the fact that Garrett is an enthusiastic hobby cross-country skier and Schröcknadel did play the violin in his salad days. “It’s amazing what these athletes push themselves to!” the famous superstar declared. Thus giving an explanation why he has chosen a very famous music title for his performance, honoring the enormous efforts of all Championship participants: his personal interpretation of the famous movie song “Eye of the Tiger” from the cult film Rocky III which inspires the fighting spirit in every sportsmen and every sports (and film) fan around the world like no other!   

"I think this title is very fitting because it is first of all part of the last album and also just right for such a sporting event, where everything is about motivation," I think it's really fitting for the athletes.    

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Volunteers now and then …

Nowadays, there is no big sports event like a World Championship taking place withouth volunteers. These busy helpers coming from countries from all over the world have found their way to Seefeld to help during the second Nordic Ski World Championships after 1985. Speaking of 1985, there are several locals involved that were already helping in 1985, four of them present today.

Peter Schauer and Günter Hörtnagl are just two men from Seefeld who are busy helping to make sure that these Championships are a big success. Both of them are working for the transportation service and take athletes, officials, judges and journalist from one Championship location to the next right on time. Being a local is helping tremendously to avoid traffic during this stressful time.

Günter Hörtnagl is experiencing these World Championships from a different standpoint than 35 years ago. Then, he was the restaurant tenant at the media centre and responsible for providing food for up to 600 people daily. He fondly remembers TV legends such as Teddy Podgorski and Erich Weiss who were working at the media centre then. He had so much work to do that he didn’t experience much of the Championships. Therefore he is very happy that he has a different job now to take part in the hustle and bustle much more.

Peter Schauer is one of the Seefeld locals that even experienced the Olympic Games in 1964 as a child. In 1985 he was working for the Red Cross during the Nordic Ski World Championship. Contrary to Günter Hörtnagl he had more chances to experience the competitions. He saw several cross-crountry skiers laying motionless in the snow behind the finish line. These pictures he probably won’t see during the Championships 2019.

Both locals are very happy that Seefeld is hosting a big international sports event again. In their opinion, the village is benefitting a lot from the investments in the local infrastructure. Furthermore, they like to be in contact with people from all over the world and are happy to be able to refresh their language skills. They think that the Championships 1985 were cosier but are highly motivated to ensure that the current World Championships become a big success. 

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Local hero Benjamin Moser: “A great adventure for me!”

There are only a few hours left till the official opening of the 52nd FIS Nordic Ski Championships in Seefeld, Tyrol. The Ladies’ Sprint and the Skating Men competition are the first cross-country decisions taking place on the 21st of February. Austrian Head trainer Markus Gandler is looking forward to interesting competitions and is inviting all fans to come to watch the competition right on location. “We are cordially inviting all fans and visitors to join us during the Nordic World Ski Championships in Seefeld. We have been working long and hard to pull of this big sports event. The home advantage for the Austrian athletes is not that big as we have a very young but eager team. Our boys and girls are not yet used to present themselves in front of the crowd. But we worked hard to compete successfully in these Championships. We are looking forward to participating in the competitions and perform accordingly” says the Austrian trainer who nominated two ladies and seven men for the World Championships.

Norway has two topstars participating in Seefeld: Therese Johaug and Johannes Høsflot Klæbo, but also the Austrian athletes want to fight for the medals. Especially Teresa Stadtlober is going to fight for victory (after the mistake in Pyoengchang where she was close to winning silver but went the wrong way just before the finish line). Dominik Baldauf is hoping for a quick recovery after his current cold.

Benjamin Moser, the Tyrolean athlete from lake Achensee is very happy to participate in this Championship: “It is great that I am participating in this competition. It is my highlight of the year, especially as I come from the Tyrol. I cannot really say whether it’s going to be an advantage or not. But it’s great that local people will cheer and I am looking forward to the wonderful atmosphere at this big event. I have a very good feeling and will give 120 percent!”


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Interview with Anette Bøe

 Anette Bøe was the superstar of the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships 1985 in Seefeld and won two times gold, one time silver and one time bronze. She is one of the most successful cross-country skiers of all times. 34 years after her big success in Seefeld she is here again. A few hours before the start of the competition we talked with the likable Norwegian about “her” Seefeld, her memories of 1985 and her expectations for the coming days.

Dear Anette, it’s wonderful to welcome you again here in Seefeld, 34 years after your triumph at the first Nordic World Ski Championships here in the Olympic regions.

What is your current task here at the Championship?

I currently work here for the Cross Country Academy of Martin Tauber. I am here since December and will stay till the end of March. I am very happy to be able to work with people and to teach them cross country skiing. I see their delight and it makes me happy. Seefeld is always  boosting my energy level, it’s a magical place.

What are your memories of 1985, the most successful year in your long career?

It was a wonderful experience! The year 1985 was by far the most successful of my career. I worked long and hard to achieve my goal to become World Champion. In 1985 my dream came true. Seefeld is my „village of fortune“. I won four medals at those games and I really achieved all my goals.

Two times gold, one time silver and one time bronze – Seefeld truly was golden for you then! Who were your biggest competitors then?

Those were certainly the Russians and Marja-Liisa Hämäläinen from Finland. And of course my Norwegian team mates.

In the local newspaper “Tiroler Tageszeitung” they wrote in 1985: “Anette is conquering all hearts!” Do you have one of the copies as a trophy at home?

I didn’t get hold of a copy then. But I am very happy to have received one now! That’s so sweet of you (laughs). I will have it framed back home. I am very proud that people like me here.

The year 1985 was the year of a big change in style: without the “Siitonen step” you couldn’t win anymore, it was said. You mastered the change perfectly. Can you tell us your secret from that time?

It all started during the Olympic Games in Sarajewo where I staid with my team. There, I recognized that Bill Koch and Gunde Svan had already tried this technique. At the end of 1984 there were the world’s best athletes competing in the North of Sweden. There, the men took away the wax at the start. I thought, I will do the same as the men. Basically, I was the first woman to start with it.

In Seefeld I was in a private training camp and saw that all present teams had introduced the Siitonen step. Therefore I wanted that for myself too. It was a lot of fun and something totally new. That’s the story.

Seefeld now and then. What is your current impression of this Championship village for the second time?

I am very impressed by the change of the cross-country tracks. It looks totally different now. In 1985 start and finish were located right at the church, the stands were situated right of the church and we started up towards the woods.

Seefeld has changed tremendously since that time. For me Seefeld is the best place in the world to do cross-country. Even if my own folks will now be angry. In Norway it’s wonderful of course. But here, in the middle of nature surrounded by these beautiful mountains and the fantastic tracks I love to skate in Seefeld. What do you want more: sun, mountains, friendly people and great tracks – It’s an irresistible combination. In Norway it can be very early dark and very cold. Here, you have much more light and therefore much more energy!

What do you think of the modern World Championship premises here?

I am very proud of Seefeld. I have seen how the mayor and all locals have contributed to this wonderful Championship location and buildings. Everything is open and spectators have a wonderful view from all sides. Everything is perfectly prepared. I have to say I am really of Seefeld.

What is the secret of the cross-country success in your home country, Norway?

I think it’s very popular in Norway and we work a lot with our youth. If you have stars such as Marit Björgen it is much easier to inspire young people to start cross-country skiing. I think it’s a shame that you have all these wonderful cross-country tracks here that people don’t use to the full extent. Maybe thanks to the World Championship cross-country skiing is going to be more popular in Austria. The conditions are certainly like in paradise – in winter as well as in summer.

Norway hast o topstars here:  Therese Johaug and Johannes Høsflot Klæbo. Is this going to be another “Norsker festival“?

I am sure they are very strong but don’t underestimate Russia and Finland. Also the Swedish team is ery strong. You shouldn’t forget the Germans and also some Swiss women. And Austria has Teresa Stadtlober. And I believe a lot will fight to get some medals. Johaug and Klæbo are favourites, but you never take medals for granted.

I hope that Teresa Stadtlober is going to be right in front. In Pyoengchang she was close to winning silver but went the wrong way just before the finish line. I hope she is going to fight for victory. For Austria and Seefeld it is important that the local athletes are doing well. I love Austria and therefore I won’t only cheer for Norway but keep my fingers crossed for the Austrians.

Dear Anette, these are wonderful final words. Thank you so much for this wonderful interview!

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Interview with OK head Christian Scherer

„We are already well prepared for the upcoming World Championships and are looking forward to welcoming athletes, guests and media representatives from all over the world to celebrate fantastic games with us”, says Christian Scherer, director of the organization committee of the Nordic Ski World Championships 2019. “There are still a few tickets left for the competitions and we would like to cordially invite all fans to come and support the wintersports stars at the cross-country tracks and the jumping hills in Seefeld and Innsbruck. A special treat: You can use all local transport (VVT, IVB and ÖBB transport) throughout Tyrol free of charge on the day indicated on the ticket.

“Competitions will take place in Seefeld and at the Bergisel Jumping Hill in Innsbruck. We would like to invite all local and international fans to join us in Innsbruck as well. The first official trainings of the Nordic Combined and Ski Jumping will start there on February 20th. The first competitions follow on February the 22nd.”

Scherer gets more and more enthusiastic: “Innsbruck is our second competition venue and a great place for all visitors. In the morning you can enjoy the mountain view or a coffee in one of the many Cafés in the city. The competitions at the Bergisel jumping hill start in the afternoon. Afterwards, you can easily reach Seefeld by train in 36 for the Medal ceremony.

Philipp Aschenwald und Manuel Fettner are two Tyrolean competitors who will start for the Austrian Ski jumping team and hopefully attract a lot of local fans. We know from the biking and climbing championships in Summer that Tyroleans are wonderful spectators and fully support all athletes. 

Naturally, fans from all nations are welcome to join the competitions. We are very happy that the German ski jumping team was very successful during the last weeks and will certainly bring their fans. The Werdenfelsbahn is taking all fans free of charge to the competition sites with a valid championship ticket (available online). Especially fans of Markus Eisenbichler or Karl Geiger from Oberstdorf (where the next World Championships will take place) are expected to cheer on site. We also know that especially Polish and Norwegian fans travel long ways to cheer for their heroes as we already experienced during the Four Hills Tournament. 

We also expect a lot of international VIP guests such as the kings of Norway and Sweden as well as the ministers of sports.”

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Tunnel of decision

Not just any, though. This tunnel of decision plays an important role for the athletes of the FIS Nordic Ski World Championship. They have to pass through it rather briefly – but these moments are crucial ones.

The first time is for attaching the chip for time measurement. This is the moment when every athlete switches his mental set fully on “emergency”. Who steps through the tunnel the day after tomorrow knows: just a few minutes and it means “to do or die now”. Today, only staff testers pass through, ensuring good organization of the whole competition. A proverbial tunnel vision seems to be echoed by the rocks of the sidewalls. Emotions only known and felt by the athletes themselves are not carried outside this roughly 35 meters long tunnel. Each competitive athlete lives alone with them in this moment.

Right after each competition they have to come through here again – this time for doping control. Taken during an act of daily routine which is usually accompanied by feelings of relief, it will not influence the athletes’ mood this time. Or will it after all?

A World Championship is pure emotion. This tunnel – small and unimpressive as it might appear in the Tyrolean mountain side – is a tunnel of decision for all the athletes here. 

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Running meters of wire

Despite the endless meters of wire necessary for the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships, the friendly village of Seefeld in Tyrol is by no means slow on the uptake. For media broadcast alone, 22,000 meters of optical fiber cable were placed. Add to it 7,400 meters of temporary wireless LAN connection. 20 terabyte data transfer is secured by – among other technical details – 14 LTE standard small cells for grid expansion. Just the optical fiber cable length multiplied by a factor of thousand would get us from wonderful Innsbruck in Tyrol even further than Wellington, capital of New Zealand which is “just about” 18,545 km as the crow flies. And close to Australia. Not a bad comparison as “Austria” is now and than confused with “Australia” in the English speaking world. We might not have kangaroos jumping around here – our World Championships ski jumpers fly much higher and further nevertheless. The endless meters of cable in winter wonderland Seefeld in Tyrol – pretty much invisible for visitors here – are a great image for what sports stand for: exciting people and connecting the world.

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The King and Queen of Norway to Seefeld

The Austrian Ski Federation, host of the 52nd FIS Nordic World Ski Championships Seefeld 2019, has invited important representatives of the participating nations for the Championships in the Olympiaregion Seefeld and Innsbruck from 19 February to 03 March 2019.

The first highlight was the nomination of the Norwegian royal family. His Majesty King Harald and her Majesty Queen Sonja of Norway will visit the Nordic World Ski Championships in Seefeld from 25th of February to 1st of March 2019. Peter Schröcksnadel and Klaus Leistner, the two managing directors of the World Championships Seefeld 2019, are pleased with the commitment of the Norwegian royal family and still expect one or other high-ranking political representatives of the participating nations.

The Royal couple will be present at ski stadium in Seefeld following the competitions and the Norwegian athletes hunting for medals. They will also visit the Norwegian Team during the World Championships.

Photo: Jørgen Gomnaes/The Royal Court

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Only one day to go: By train from Innsbruck to Seefeld

Many ways lead to Seefeld. You can use all local transport connections (VVT, IVB and ÖBB) throughout Tyrol free of charge on the day indicated on the ticket. In addition, Bavaria is offering all train rides with the Werdenfelsbahn free of charge on the respective competition day. Thus, fans can easily get from Munich Central Station to Seefeld which will host the Nordic World Championchips during the next two weeks. 

The first fans have already arrived in Seefeld, many more will follow during the next few days. All travel routes in Tyrol are lovely, but the train ride from Innsbruck to Seefeld is one of the most picturesque ones in Austria. It is connecting the two competition sites while offering spectacular views of the Tyrolean mountains and its snow-capped peaks gleaming in the sunlight.

The journey itself offers even more attractions: The train runs along the Martinswand mountain, heading through spectacular tunnels which were erected at the beginning of the 20thcentury. According to the legend, Emperor Maximilian I tried to climb this mountain wall  in 1484 – albeit rather unwillingly. He lost his bearings while hunting chamois and sought refuge in a grotto. Emperors Maximilian Grotto, as it has been known since, still exists and is nowadays accessible for tourist.

The journey from Innsbruck main station - where part of the sport events will take part - to Seefeld takes only 36 minutes. The tourist resort with its 3400 inhabitants is already well prepared for the upcoming World Championships: Many volunteers are helping with the last preparations for the big opening ceremony on Wednesday and the first guests and athletes have arrived. While waiting for the games to start, you can enjoy a walk around the village with its many restaurants and cafes welcoming tourists from all over the world.

You can explore the Medal Plaza, decorated with Swarovski crystals,where the first athletes are going to receive the first medals. 

If you visited Seefeld during one of the last sports events, you will hardly recognize the place. Seefelds popular landmark – the so-called “Seekirchl” - is still a popular photo venue and children are still ice-skating in front of the Congress Center, but everything else has changed: A big expo area between the Medal Plaza and the Nordic Mile is waiting for spectators. The grand stands are still empty, but soon they will be filled and local and international TV stations will broadcast from Seefeld in Tyrol to the world. On Wednesday, the opening ceremony of the Nordic World Ski Championshipswill welcome you all. Let’s celebrate together - hand in hand!

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David Garrett star guest at the opening ceremony in Seefeld

SEEFELD, 14.02.2019 | Next Wednesday, 20 February, the opening ceremony of the Nordic World Ski Championships will take place at the Medal Plaza in Seefeld from 6 p.m. on Wednesday (5.30 p.m. live on ORF eins). Admission is free for all visitors!

During a media event in the Media Lounge (WM-Halle Seefeld), where the Media Centre is located during the international title competitions, the first details of the opening ceremony were announced today. The big highlight of the ninety-minute opening show will be a performance by star violinist DAVID GARRETT, who will personally pay tribute to the great achievements of the World Cup participants. "As a teenager, I myself was an enthusiastic cross-country skier for many years and know how much this sport has to offer. What the athletes get out of themselves, no matter in which discipline, is absolute madness", David Garrett explained a few days before his performance on the big stage at Medal Plaza.

The exceptional virtuoso is not the only known music act in preparing for the 22 medal decisions in Seefeld and Innsbruck. With PIZZERA & JAUS two Austrian chart strikers are also part of the varied opening program.

In addition to the two top acts, a lot of musical local colour will also be sprayed. The World Cup song "Time 4 heroes" by thoroughbred musician Gregor Glanz and former ÖSV Freestyle star Christian Rijavec is firmly in Seefelder's hands. In addition appearances of the plateau chapels, the military music Tirol and the Wiltener choir boys, who will sing the Austrian federal anthem, are part of the extensive opening program.

David Garrett
With "Unlimited", DAVID GARRETT released his eleventh album in 2018 in just as many years, his ninth Top 10 success in Germany. The musician celebrated as Paganini among the pop stars and Jimi Hendrix the violinist fascinates with his rock star charisma and his virtuosity like only the greatest musicians of our time possess. With over three million albums sold, 24 gold and 17 platinum awards in countries such as Germany, Hong Kong, Mexico, Singapore, Taiwan and Brazil, and millions of tickets sold, DAVID GARRETT is one of the biggest stars of today's music scene. In the more than ten years of his international artistic career, he has always surpassed himself. Most recently with his "EXPLOSIVE LIVE" world tour, which he completed in November 2018 with over 400,000 tickets sold in 20 countries. With his new 'UNLIMITED LIVE' tour he finally returns to Austria in 2019 and celebrates his 10th crossover anniversary with a brilliant show together with his fans".

Pizzera & Jaus
PAUL PIZZERA and OTTO JAUS get to know each other on a "Long Night of Cabaret" tour. They hope to get something up and running together and bring a stage. For the time being they are songs together. Already the second one: "jedermann", reaches number 1 of the Austria Top 40 Charts. The song is in the Austrian charts for a total of 40 weeks. In Austria probably a record for a very long time: Pizzera & Jaus release their first 5 singles in a period of 20 months and bring all 5 simultaneously (!) into the Austria Top 75 Charts. In 2017 Paul Pizzera and Otto Jaus win two Amadeus trophies in the categories "Song of the Year" and "Pop/Rock" at the Amadeus Austrian Music. The CD "unerhört solide" has been on the album charts since its release in mid-September 2017 and has already reached platinum status.

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By train and bus to the FIS Nordic Ski-WSC Seefeld 2019

On the day of the event, the admission ticket is also valid as a ticket on ÖBB local trains and all VVT connections throughout Tyrol as well as all IVB connections and on the trains of the Werdenfelsbahn in Bavaria.

(Innsbruck, 08.02.2019) - The countdown for the start of the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships Seefeld 2019 has begun. From 19 February to 3 March 2019, the world's best Nordic athletes will compete for the coveted medals on the cross-country ski runs and jumps. The Verkehrsverbund Tirol (VVT) is the official mobility partner of the ÖSV and in cooperation with the ÖBB is responsible for the travel to the competitions by bus, train and Innsbruck city transport. Through its cooperation with the VVT, the ÖSV makes it possible for all holders of a valid World Cup ticket to use all public transport connections throughout Tyrol free of charge on the respective competition day.

With a ticket to the train or bus and to the race
In detail, the cooperation works as follows: With a valid World Championship ticket, you can use all VVT, IVB and ÖBB local transport connections throughout Tyrol free of charge on the day indicated on the ticket. The ÖBB long-distance trains (Railjet, IC, EC etc.) are excluded. In Bavaria, all trains of the Werdenfelsbahn can be used free of charge on the respective competition day. The arriving fans can use their admission ticket, for example, from Munich Central Station to travel with the Werdenfelsbahn. In addition, owners of a VVT annual ticket receive a 10% discount on the purchase of World Cup tickets (with the exception of VIP tickets). And this is how it works: Simply send an e-mail with the subject "Nordic Ski World Championships" and the number of the annual ticket to and you will immediately receive the discount code. The impressive Mittenwald Railway is available to fans from Innsbruck Central Station. The railway line, which went into operation in October 1912, was - apart from the Montafonerbahn - the first electrified standard gauge railway of the Monarchy. The route leads through a breathtaking mountain landscape with tunnels, viaducts and bridges. This ensures a lasting and unforgettable travel experience for fans from near and far. In the section from Innsbruck to Seefeld in Tyrol the trains cope with a height difference of around 600 metres.

Additional trains start at Innsbruck Central Station
During the 14-day World Championships, a total of 170,000 seats will be available on the Karwendelbahn between Innsbruck and Seefeld. Of these, 30,000 alone are on offer. The additional trains for the fans start at Innsbruck Central Station with a stop at Innsbruck West Station and then head directly for the new and modern World Cup Seefeld Station in Tyrol. On a working day, 48 trains are scheduled to run between Innsbruck and Seefeld. On peak days, these trains will be increased by up to 9 additional trains to match the event. For fans who want to enjoy the evening events, a daily night train is planned which starts at 23:34 hrs in Seefeld. The connection to the last train to Landeck-Zams will also be reached via Innsbruck's Westbahnhof (arrival at 00:01 hrs) with all stops. The last train leaves daily at 00:16 and arrives at Innsbruck Central Station at 00:53. Information about travel times at and

World Cup station Seefeld ready for major event
In December of last year, the new World Cup Seefeld station in Tyrol was officially opened. The modern and barrier-free station offers customers perfect opportunities to combine their rail journey with other modes of transport. Accessibility, short, weather-protected routes and the new bus terminal with space for five buses right next to platform 1 make the connection between bus and train particularly pleasant. Throughout the entire duration of the World Cup, there will be enough customer drivers available at Seefeld station according to a well thought-out concept to guide the crowds in the right direction.

Free shuttle buses to the event site
The shuttle buses from the large car parks are equipped for event visitors and can be used with a valid admission ticket: By bus from Scharnitz (Gießenbach) every 5 minutes from 2 hours before the start of the competition. Then every 15 minutes. By bus from Telfs-Pfaffenhofen every 15 minutes from 2.5 hours before the start of the competition. Then every half hour.

Free shuttle buses in the Seefeld Olympic region
In the five villages of the Olympic region Seefeld (Seefeld in Tyrol, Leutasch, Reith bei Seefeld, Scharnitz and the two Telfer villages Mösern and Buchen) the regional buses can be used. These will also be increasingly used during the World Cup.

Parking spaces for coaches and fan buses
The buses can park at the parking lot Strandperle or at the parking lot Reithalle in Seefeld. Please book in advance at . Bus parking is only permitted with a valid parking permit. Visitors and fans can go directly from the car park to the event grounds via the pedestrian zone (Nordic Mile).

Overall concept was a team effort
All partners agree that the mobility concept for this major event was and is a joint achievement:

Klaus Leistner, ÖSV Secretary General and CEO Seefeld 2019: "The FIS Nordic World Ski Championships return to Seefeld after 34 years! The ÖSV and the entire World Championships organisation team are delighted to welcome the world's best Nordic athletes to the Olympic region of Seefeld and Bergisel in Innsbruck. As an organizer it was very important to us from the very beginning that, in addition to top sporting performance, a world champion mobility offer was also offered for the journey to and from the respective events. With the VVT, the ÖBB and all other partners involved, we have found professional mobility service providers who meet these high requirements. Of course we hope that many fans will be present live at the total of 22 medal decisions and will make use of the extensive range of public transport available.

Hannes Koschuta, responsible for cooperation and marketing at VVT: "In order to organise and handle the efficient and environmentally friendly transport of such a large number of people, we need strong partners and good offers for the fans. The Verkehrsverbund Tirol will therefore provide all local transport connections throughout the state as well as the Werdenfelsbahn in Bavaria free of charge for owners of a World Cup ticket on the day of the competition. In addition, we are constantly working on making our offer more and more attractive for regular customers: Owners of a VVT annual ticket receive a discount of 10% on the purchase of World Cup tickets".  

René Zumtobel, Regional Manager ÖBB-Personenverkehr Tirol: "During the 14 days of the event we will be offering a total of 60 additional trains between Innsbruck and Seefeld. In addition, a number of scheduled trains will be operated by the modern ÖBB city jet, which offers 25% more space than conventional trains. Two of these currently most modern ÖBB local trains, which are scheduled to travel in Tyrol only on the route between Wörgl and Hochfilzen in the direction of Salzburg, are guests on the Karwendelbahn especially for the World Cup special operation.
Andreas Knapp, FIS Nordic Ski World Championships Seefeld 2019, responsible for mobility: "When planning the implementation of the mobility concept, it was particularly important for the organisers responsible for us that the numerous fans be provided with an optimal arrival and return service by public transport that is very usable and adapted to the necessary capacities. In order to make the journey by train and bus as attractive as possible, there will be a mobility offer for each day adapted to the respective competitions and the starting times. This ensures the highest flexibility and best customer benefit in the run-up to the events".

ÖBB: Austria's largest mobility service provider
As a comprehensive mobility service provider, the ÖBB Group annually transports 459 million passengers and 115 million tons of goods to their destinations in an environmentally friendly manner. Rail passengers travel in a particularly climate-friendly manner. This is because 100 percent of the traction current comes from renewable energy sources. In 2017, ÖBB was one of the most punctual railways in Europe with around 96 percent punctuality. Group-wide, 41,107 railway and bus employees (an additional 1,900 apprentices) ensure that around 1.3 million passengers arrive safely at their destinations every day. The Group's strategic lead company is ÖBB-Holding AG.


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"A home world championship can only be experienced once"

"A home world championship can only be experienced once"

Austria's super eagle Stefan Kraft and his ÖSV team colleagues are looking forward to the Nordic season highlight in Seefeld and Innsbruck from February 19 to March 03.
When Stefan Kraft talks about the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships, he can't miss a glitter in his eyes. "I am convinced that this will be a great experience for the spectators. It will also be a mega event for us athletes, a home world championship will happen to you only once in your career," said the three-time winner of the season last in Oberstdorf in the context of ski flying. In a few days, the opening ceremony at the Seekirchl in Seefeld (free admission) will mark the start of this twelve-day sports festival of superlatives. Not only for Stefan Kraft the perhaps unique chance to be present at a home world championship. The red-white-red sports fans are also eagerly awaiting the 22 medal decisions in ski jumping, cross-country skiing and the Nordic combined.

Showdown at Bergisel
Already the World Cup opening has to offer the first large highlight from domestic view. In addition to the cross-country competitions in the World Championships Arena in Seefeld, where Teresa Stadlober, among others, will be competing in the 15 km women's skiathlon (Saturday, 23.02.) as a medal candidate, the focus at the start of the World Championships will be on Bergisel in Innsbruck. In the individual competition on the Großschanze (Saturday, 23.02.), three-time season winner and defending World Champion Stefan Kraft and his ÖSV team mates want to write another chapter in Austrian ski jumping history in their "living room". One day later (Sunday 24.02.), the Bergisel turns into another atmospheric witch's cauldron when it comes to gold, silver and bronze in the team competition. "We won't miss this chance," says Thomas from Aldrans, who will be there live with family and friends, looking forward to one of the big World Cup highlights, where tickets in all categories are still available. The Nordic combiners can also be admired on the historic Bergisel. Already on Friday (22.02.) the "King of Nordic Sports" will hunt for distances on the Großschanze in Innsbruck before the 10 km cross-country race in Seefeld.

"Super Tuesday" in Seefeld
A special treat awaits all fans on Tuesday (26.02) in Seefeld. Besides the 10 km cross-country race of the ladies with ÖSV hopeful Teresa Stadlober, you can also admire the best female ski jumpers of the world in the team competition on the Toni Seelos ski jump in the world championship arena. From 18 Euro (9 Euro for teenagers) you can experience concentrated "women's power" in cross-country skiing and ski jumping. In addition the unique offer for visitors from Tyrol and Bavaria, during the entire world championship "A home world championship can only be experienced once".
Austria's super eagle Stefan Kraft and his ÖSV team colleagues are looking forward to the Nordic season highlight in Seefeld and Innsbruck from February 19 to March 03.

When Stefan Kraft talks about the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships, he can't miss a glitter in his eyes. "I am convinced that this will be a great experience for the spectators. It will also be a mega event for us athletes, a home world championship will happen to you only once in your career," said the three-time winner of the season last in Oberstdorf in the context of ski flying. In a few days, the opening ceremony at the Seekirchl in Seefeld (free admission) will mark the start of this twelve-day sports festival of superlatives. Not only for Stefan Kraft the perhaps unique chance to be present at a home world championship. The red-white-red sports fans are also eagerly awaiting the 22 medal decisions in ski jumping, cross-country skiing and the Nordic combined.

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Final preparations for the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships

Wherever the eye goes, they work diligently, assemble and install. 11 days before the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships in Innsbruck and Seefeld, the construction work is well advanced. The World Cup arena in Seefeld already gives an idea of how the up to 200,000 spectators on the grandstands will create the atmosphere. The temporary spectator stands impress next to the VIP tent. Also around the Seefeld landmark, the Seekirchl, visitors can expect a magnificent view of the stage of the Medal Plaza, which is decorated with Swarovski crystals. In the coming days, the Expo Area between Seekirchl and the World Cup Arena will be set up at full speed with top-class exhibitors.

Internationally represented media will broadcast impressive LIVE pictures from the newly built World Cup Tower near the Toni-Seelos ski jump. The World Championships Tower was erected within a very short time and will continue to be used as a publicly accessible vantage point after the Nordic World Ski Championships. Another project is the Technical Center adjacent to the World Cup Arena, which houses the cross-country track equipment during and after the World Cup. It is the ideal starting point for a perfect and fast track preparation.  

In addition to the World Cup Arena and Medal Plaza, the Seefeld pedestrian zone is also being prepared for the World Championships. Sparkling light installations in the village centre, which becomes a festive Nordic Mile during the World Championships, create an impressive atmosphere.

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“Alpine Jewel”: Winners’ trophies at the FIS Nordic Skiing World Championships 2019 presented in Seefeld

Design co-operation between Stora Enso and Swarovski Kristallwelten
For World Championship events, FIS Rules specify that, as well as a medal, winners also receive a prize of honour from the event organizers. In order to keep on with this tradition, the Local Organizing Committee (LOC) of the ÖSV commissioned Swarovski Kristallwelten as Official Supplier, and Presenting Partner of the forthcoming Ski World Championships, the renewable materials company Stora Enso, with the creation of an award. The intention is that the trophies should incorporate both the mountain world of Tyrol, the sparkle of the snow and of the winners, as well as the long years of tradition of the ÖSV.

Congeniality meets emotion
Stora Enso, together with the ÖSV and Swarovski Kristallwelten, chose the setting of a press conference to present the achievement of the award co-operation: The trophy, designed by architect Christoph Haas, combines the natural product wood with the fine nobility of crystals, in the colours gold, silver, and bronze, symbolic representations of the radiant faces of the future prize winners, set against the unique mountain landscape of the venue Seefeld, produced out of wood. The clear, modern message provided by the form of the award further reflects the orientation towards the future shared by the two companies.
ÖSV president Peter Schröcksnadel says about the successful creation of the “Alpine Jewel”: “It is a particular pleasure for us to be able to carry the tradition forward, and, following on from the FIS Nordic Ski World Championships in Seefeld in 1985, and the FIS Alpine Ski World Championships in St. Anton am Arlberg in 2001, to be able once again to work together with Swarovski at this FIS Nordic Ski World Championships. Our thanks are also going to Stora Enso, who have likewise made a magnificent contribution to the design and creation of this unique prize of honour.”

“As the Presenting Partner of the FIS Nordic Ski World Championship in Seefeld, we are keen to show a broad public what can be achieved with wood as a material of creation. Wood provides advantages not only in the context of construction technology, but also in the ecological sense. As a sustainable raw material, wood can store CO2 in the long term, and thereby provides excellent ecobalance. Fine examples of working in wood are, on the one hand, the winners’ trophies; on the other, too, the club house of the tennis club of Seefeld used as our expo house called Eco Pavilion by Stora Enso during the games, which was built of wood”, says Herbert Jöbstl, Managing Director of Stora Enso Austria.
Stefan Isser, Managing Director Swarovski Kristallwelten adds: “The prizes of honour at the FIS Nordic Ski World Championships at Seefeld in 2019, with Swarovski chatons in the colours gold, silver, and bronze, are trophies with high symbolic value. It is a pleasure for us to be able to show admiration for the highest sporting achievements in this way, and also to be able to give the athletes, as well as the many emotional moments they will no doubt encounter, also sparkling memories of their time in Seefeld / Tyrol.“

Nearly 160 prizes of honour from Swarovski Kristallwelten & Stora Enso
The winners’ trophies were created from Stora Ensos CLT product from the mill in Ybbs, then shaped into the iconic form of the mountains by the Upper Austrian company SFK. The Swarovski crystals in gold, silver, and bronze were then set, and a unique badge applied, with the World Championships logo and a description of thediscipline and the placing. In total, Stora Enso as the Presenting Partner, and Swarovski Kristallwelten have created nearly 160 prizes of honour, which will be on show in Seefeld during the World Championships in the VIP area, in the press center, in the media mountain in the ORF Studio, and in the general interview area.

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Ladies’ Ski Jumping Team

The International Ski Federation today announced that the Ladies’ Ski Jumping Team Event will be included on the programme of the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships 2019 in Seefeld (AUT).  

The inclusion of the Ladies’ Ski Jumping Team Event on the programme of the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships was approved by the FIS Congress in 2018. However, at the time Seefeld 2019 did not have the capacity to include it within the Championships. Since the Congress, the circumstances with the new infrastructure at the Seefeld Jumping Hill have facilitated the necessary capacity. Consequently the Austrian Ski Association as the Organiser, submitted a proposal to include the Ladies’ Team Event on the Seefeld programme.

After a thorough review of the circumstance,s including the fact that the event was approved for inclusion by the FIS Congress, the FIS Council supported the proposal and decided that the Ladies’ Team Event can be added for 2019. The competition will take place on Tuesday 26th February at 16:00. This was the time previously planned to be the qualification for the Ladies’ Individual Competition. That qualification will now take place before the individual competition on Wednesday 27th February.

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PRINOTH Official Supplier of the Nordic World Cup 2019 in Seefeld

In the winter of 2019, the Nordic Ski Circus returns to Seefeld. As early as 1985, the Olympic region hosted the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships. For this major sports event, the Seefeld WSC-Arena was specially converted and expanded. New features include the snow-making system, the functions building, the under-tunnelling system, cross-country ski run connections and the inclined elevator that takes the athletes to the ski jump. PRINOTH is the Official Supplier of the World Championship.


PRINOTH is there

Seefeld relies on the leading manufacturer of snow groomers: PRINOTH. In Seefeld, top-class trails and slopes are guaranteed by the HUSKY and the BISON: easy to maneuver, compact and powerful. These are snow groomers that were developed for the grooming of demanding facilities such as snow parks, jumps and cross-country trails. Other Nordic centres such as Lillehammer, Kulm or Bergisel are also convinced of PRINOTH’s technology.


Ski jumps and cross-country ski trails: no problem for PRINOTH

The grooming of a ski jump is special and not comparable to an ordinary slope, because in the alpine area there are hardly any slopes that are as steep as a jumping hill. Thanks to PRINOTH’s AUTOMATIC winch, hill ski jump grooming is no problem.

In the early morning hours, the trails are prepared for competition with the HUSKY. Both the skating and the classic cross-country ski trails are prepared by PRINOTH. The PRINOTH Nordic Liner makes it possible to activate the track setting plates individually and draw the perfect trail.


Fantastic conditions

Seefeld offers the ideal terrain for Nordic disciplines: The trail network takes the athletes through forests and past a dreamlike mountain scenery. This may be of little interest to athletes during the competition, but it is the icing on the cake for spectators on site and in front of TV screens worldwide.

And when we imagine how the sun will shine over Seefeld and the perfect PRINOTH slopes and trails at the end of February featuring the world's top athletes mastering the trails… we can hardly wait for the spectacle!

For more information visit our website:

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100 days to go – FIS Nordic World Ski Championships Seefeld 2019 – „Let’s celebrate a Nordic Ski Festival!“

The countdown for the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships Seefeld 2019 is running at full speed. In exactly 100 days the Nordic Ski Festival will open the gates in the Olympiaregion Seefeld.

Preparations for this major event have been underway since June 2014, when Seefeld was elected as the host for the Nordic World Ski Championships at the FIS Congress in Barcelona. In exactly 100 days the opening ceremony will mark the start of a two-week sports festival of superlatives. A total of 21 medal decisions, for which more than 200,000 visitors from all over the world are expected, are taking place in Seefeld and at Bergisel in Innsbruck.

"We are looking forward to being able to prove our qualities as a host at the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships 2019 in Seefeld. Considering the great sports infrastructure, the experienced organisation team, the great spectator interest and the many attractive competitions, we are convinced that we can host excellent World Championships”, says Peter Schröcksnadel, President of the Austrian Ski Federation and CEO of the Organisation Company, who is also looking forward to the international Championships in February (19 Feb. to 3 March) with great pleasure.

Even if the high temperatures in other parts of the world mean that there is no real winter mood yet, Seefeld has already been in Championship-mode for a long time. All future-oriented construction projects that are implemented as part of the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships Seefeld 2019 are almost completed. This includes the adaptation of the cross-country trail net according to the FIS regulations, which went hand in hand with investments in snowmaking. In the area of the jumping stadium, a Championship tower was erected and a new ski jump lift was built. Furthermore the “WM Hall” got a modern relaunch in order to create the best conditions for the work of the media representatives during the two event weeks.

In November, the renovation of the railway station in Seefeld is completed. “The Gateway to the Olympiaregion", a name with symbolic significance, will bring environmentally improvements in traffic management and a lasting enhancement of the public transport network around the new station. The entire esplanade will be a "car-free" zone. All infrastructure measures are designed to meet future requirements, provide sustainable year-round benefits and ensure that Seefeld stays a Nordic hotspot for professional and amateur athletes in the following years.

The Olympiaregion Seefeld really is a true home of Nordic skiing. It has already been three times that the Olympic fire was lighted at the high plateau - in 1964 and 1976, Seefeld was the venue of the Nordic competitions. In 2012, the Youth Olympic Winter Games were hosted at the Nordic hotspot. Moreover, Seefeld was the venue of the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships for the first time in 1985. The next highlight will follow in 100 days.

Of course, the focus during the World Championships is on the world's best Nordic athletes. Around 700 athletes from 60 nations will participate in 21 medal decisions in Seefeld and at the historic Bergisel in Innsbruck.

Nordic World Ski Championships Seefeld 2019 facts:

  • 21 competitions on 12 days
  • 700 athletes from 60 nations
  • 106,000 tickets sold (1.11.2018)
  • 1000 media representatives
  • Up to 100 cameras in Seefeld/Innsbruck for the production of the international TV signal
  • 1200 employees & volunteers
  • 1250 footsteps from Seefeld train station to the Medal Plaza
  • 470 containers
  • 12,000 grandstand capacity in Seefeld (stadium)
  • 22,500 spectator capacity in Innsbruck (Bergisel stadium)
  • 8500 bibs (5000 training, 3500 competition) will be produced
  • 6 additional, temporary transformer stations with 9000 kVA

Further information and all you need to know about the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships Seefeld 2019 can be found at

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Presenting Manner as a new sponsor at the FIS Nordic Ski World Championships 2019 in Seefeld

We are happy to present Manner as a new main sponsor for the 2019 FIS Nordic World Ski Championships in Seefeld.

Founded in 1890, Josef Manner & Comp. AG as a specialist in waffles, dragees and foam goods is the number one on the Austrian sliced ​​food market. In 2017, the traditional Austrian company achieved record sales of EUR 203.5 million. The head office is located in Vienna and the production takes place exclusively in Austria. The Manner family includes not only the famous Manner Original Neapolitan slices with hazelnut cream, but also the brands Casali with the popular rum-coconut balls and chocolate bananas, Napoli with the classic Dragee Keksi and the popular Mozartkugeln by Victor Schmidt and Ildefonso. Manner products are distributed worldwide in about 50 countries, own sales offices are active in Germany, the Czech Republic and Slovenia.

Like no other Austrian company Manner unites Viennese tradition with a modern image. To strengthen brand awareness and brand values, Manner has been sponsoring selected ski jumpers and ski jumping events since 2002. Passion, dynamism and courage of ski jumpers have always inspired many Manner fans. Manner athletes with pink support and the distinctive men's helmets will once again start this season, as Manner is the proud sponsor of the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships in Seefeld. The sports event, which is mostly enjoyed by friends and family, is the ideal setting for men to communicate the emotional values ​​of the confectionery company and their products: enjoyable cuts, which one enjoys in all circumstances. Whether it's winter sports or hiking, sailing or school - Manner is what you like!

Tag des Sports

Tag des Sports

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K4 ski jump on promotion tour in the design of Seefeld 2019

Last Sunday, the Munich Outdoor Sport Festival opened its doors in Munich's Olympic Park for the third time. More than 60 different clubs, associations and organizations offered the visitors a unique sports offer. Also in attendance was Peter Riedel Sports Technology with its K4 ski jump, so that everybody could try themselves as a ski jumper. The small mobile jump presented itself already in the design of the Nordic World Ski Championships 2019. Rental equipment and coaches who helped with professional tips, as well as six cubic meters of real snow from the adjacent ice rink were on site. So the numerous visitors could feel the ski jumping experience as real as possible. Despite the still high summer temperatures in the Munich Olympic Park, a total of over 500 visitors tried themselves on the K4 ski jump. The K4 ski jump is now stationed in the outrun of the big Olympic ski jump in Garmisch from today until the middle of December, when the next promotion stop in Vienna is planned.